Curation, Integration and Development

For mass spec-based, protein / peptide bioinformatic needs, MassMatrix provides custom curation, integration and software development services. Solutions and services can include…

  • Pipelines – curating and automating pipelines
  • Plug ‘n Play Components – integrating and developing proprietary and open source plug ‘n play components
  • Agnostic – analytical engine, component, algorithm and instrument agnostic
  • Configurability – configurable pipelines, user environments and reporting
  • Containers – containerized for easy installation and forever archiving in any IT environment
  • Integration – consistent, elegantly crafted APIs that developers love
  • Open Environments – support for industry standards and open architecture
  • User Experience – elegant UIs optimized to improve productivity and reduce cognitive load
  • Dynamic Reporting – deeper insight for internal stakeholders via dynamic reporting
  • Scalability – web delivery for enterprise scalability via on premise or private Cloud infrastructure

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