Peptide Mapping / Purified Protein Characterization 

Optimized Experience

Designed for ease and efficiency. The critical data needed for rapid interrogation and validation is now available in one view. Saving you time and reducing your cognitive load. The view combines report table (with quantification), EIC plots along with MS1 and MS2. Everything you need in one place to rapidly validate all evidence of peptide modification forms.

Quickly compare peptide modforms. “At-a-Glance” Multi Experiment View shows both relative and absolute abundances together with EIC/MS1/MS2 evidence for rapid validation. So easy.

No black box here. Quantitatively compare modifications across multiple files with full transparency. MS1 area under the curve quantitation for MS1 that has matched MS2 spectra. EIC quantitation slider allows for manual change of the quantitation window while automatically updating the plot and table data. Confidence in your analysis.

Reports Your Manager Will Love

They will make better decisions, thanks to you. But don’t tell them how easy it was with WYSIWYG reporting. Exporting data tables? Yep. One click.

Revolutionary User Experience

Visualize, interrogate, and validate search results with interactive MS/MS, EIC & MS1 charts and protein/peptide table lists.

  • Sort and filter by location and sequence across multiple experiments
  • Unified display allows for rapid inspection of all PSM peptide mod forms with quantitation
  • Filter MS2 displays by ion type and charge state
  • Quick navigation through all tandem MS matches
  • Zoom & pan isoforms separately or together
  • Isomeric mod forms can be easily visualized
  • EIC, MS1, and MS2 evidence easily accessible for thorough investigation and validation
  • Add notes to mod form assignments for reporting
  • Stores all zoom levels for each mod form view for easy and efficient reporting