About MassMatrix

MassMatrix creates high-throughput, analytical solutions for complex biodata that accelerate advances in science to improve and save people’s lives. Tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies and research organizations, MassMatrix combines advanced algorithms, AI, machine learning, big data and Cloud best practices, with a user-focused experience that facilitates faster access to digestible results and actionable knowledge across the enterprise.

About MassMatrix

MassMatrix’s experience with working with complex biodata started in the laboratory of Dr. Michael A. Freitas.

In order to better understand the complex PTMs patterns present on histone proteins, Dr. Freitas’ lab developed software to assist with the analysis. During development, mass spectrometers capable of rapid acquisition of high mass accuracy  LC-MS/MS data sets were becoming commercially available.  High mass accuracy sensitive probabilistic scoring models were developed to better rank peptide and protein matches. The resulting database search engine (mmSearch) provided important improvements in sensitivity over other similar tools with comparably low false positives when characterizing complex modified proteins. Scientists around the world continue to use mmSearch to identify complex PTM patterns for disulphide bonds and crosslinks and for hierarchical MSn (n>=3) analysis useful in phosphopeptides.

MassMatrix Executive Team

Michael Freitas, PhD Founder, Scientific Advisor and Board of Directors

Michael Freitas, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Freitas is a Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics
 at Ohio State University.  With over 100 peer-reviewed publications and nearly 30 years developing and improving mass spectrometry and bioinformatic methods, Dr. Freitas is an expert in mass spectrometry, protein biochemistry, bioinformatics and data science.

Hall Johnson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Senior executive with over 25 years building high-tech ventures with broad experience in business development, strategic partners & alliances, intrapreneurship, operations, financial planning, and management. An engineering graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hall started his career in sales with Hewlett-Packard’s scientific and engineering computer group.

Parminder Kaur, PhD Head of Product Development

Shay Reddy

Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned entrepreneur with over 18 years of IT and innovation experience, Shay founded and built a global healthcare services firm that provided IT integration services to the healthcare industry and was acquired in 2014. Shay brings proven skill sets for ideation to implementation with expertise in managing end-to-end development life cycles, enterprise implementations and business development.